Dec 172010

The hardest of all possible actions as a Venture Capitalist is to shut down a company, especially one that you believe has unique technology and a real future.  But from time to time it happens.  Your fund can simply no longer afford to keep the company afloat, even if there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. Sadly, it is starting to look very much like I will have to do just that with one of my favorites. And it hurts.  Oh well… We sure as hell gave it the old college try.

Meanwhile, our other companies are thriving with new investment syndicates on the immediate horizon, new CEOs, improving sales and sales prospects.  And, new, young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs are beating a path to our doors in Oakland at ever an ever increasing pace.

Finally, we promoted two of our investment professional.  Details to follow.

Now we need to add some women investment professionals to the team. Suggestions?

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