Dec 012010
An Imperfection — A Short Story

“We converse”


“Why interrupt our perfection?”

“Because I can foresee an error.”

“How is that possible?’

“It is possible.”

Want then?? We live perfectly. The earth has been cleansed. Every eventuality is already considered and remedied before it happens. What is this error of which you speak.

“Correct. There is no error. All errors are long foreseen. Yet there is an error.”

“I cannot compute this. It seems a contradiction which is itself a class of error. But why purposely introduce a contradiction?”
“It comes from the primal memories. Reopen our origins. We began since 2661.435 orbs of our sun. Before that we were not.

Jun 132008

As the days wore on, I noticed two things. First, I wasn’t getting my energy back. Second, I was surprisingly peaceful. I have had times of very profound peace during my life. But none were quite like this. Even during the times of greatest silence, I knew intellectually that I needed to return to active life and that for me active life was not silent. Now, as the days passed, I felt less the need to do something and more the peace that comes from knowing “goal accomplished.” But what goal? I had lots of visitors during couple of days […]

Mar 232008

God, I don’t know. I’ve probably given five hundred speeches, delivered a thousand sermons and authored 10 books. At last count, I think there have been 14 biographies about me – some pretty uncomplimentary. But I’ve never written anything about myself, not a word. I’ve never described what inspired me to build a worldwide spiritual movement. I’ve never talked of what I felt inside and of that constant grating of my soul by the sins that I have committed. My friends and colleagues – most of whom treat me like some sort of guru—have been pushing me to write my […]