Jun 102011

Q&A with Nat Goldhaber on the Three Mile Island crisis

By Peter Delevett Mercury News Columnist

Nat Goldhaber may have the most offbeat resume of any venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. In early 1979, he was a few weeks into a job running energy policy for Pennsylvania’s new governor — a post for which he cheerfully admits he was unqualified — when the Three Mile Island meltdown happened.

The front-row seat to America’s worst nuclear disaster helped shape Goldhaber’s subsequent career as an energy investor, but it wasn’t even the most colorful chapter in his career: That honor belongs to founding Maharishi University with the spiritual advisor to the Beatles. And for good measure, Goldhaber in 2000 was the Natural Law Party’s nominee for vice president of the United States. (He didn’t win.)

The Mercury News recently chatted with Goldhaber, 63, about Three Mile Island and how that experience compares to the ongoing disaster in Fukushima, Japan. Here’s an edited transcript.

Read the interview at the Mercury News

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