Mar 082008
Serialize My Book???

Several friends have suggested that I begin releasing in serial form the book I am working on. In addition to the post below, I have so far completed about 150 pages (paperback pages).  The theme of the book – roughly – is the the evolution of a man learning again and again to get out of his own way.  If any of you have ideas or suggestions on the pros and cons of this serialization, please let me know. Thanks

Feb 092008
Remembering Maharishi

Maharishi died in Holland on Tuesday, Feb. 5 2008. I spent ten years working with Maharishi from 1965-75 and again on and off for the following ten years. Maharishi personally changed our times, making the inner spiritual world relevant and meditation a household word. I miss him even though I had little contact with him in the last five years. But, just knowing he was there in Holland, working 20 hours a day trying to make the world a better place was a comfort; as he used to say, “like a child who knows mother is at home.” I am […]