Here are some of my photo albums.

  • Really Bad Tennis
    I am a klutz. I have always been one. When I was in elementary school, i used to be terrified of waking down the narrow walkway between student desks because I was absolutely bound to knock books on to the floor or worse, bump a classmate. So when at 53 I started playing tennis in ...
  • Triplets 9th birthday in Japan and China
    In 1995, we took the boys to Japan and China.  It was responsible for their life long love of Japan and respect for China.  Here is the documentation of their passion for the Orient. (see the album on Picasa )    
  • PoliPics
    John McCain (at All Things Digital, 2008), joint Reform Party/Natural Law Party Convention (2000), and Al Gore (All Things Digital 2007). Will the real Vice President please stand up?
  • Berkeley TM Center Founder’s day
    On Saturday, October 19, more than 50 people gathered at the Berkeley Transcendental Meditation (TM) Center, to celebrate its founding (in 1967) and its founder Nat Goldhaber of Berkeley.

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