What is an Assault Weapon?

(From my FaceBook status) Do you really know the difference between an assault weapon and a hunting rifle? I think you’ll be surprised. Unfortunately – or fortunately depending on your viewpoint – there is essentially no difference, certainly no difference in their lethality. Many hunting rifles take clips filled with ammunition. Typically, a clip would hold 10 or less rounds. In California today, 10 rounds is the largest clip you can buy for any weapon. In other states, it is possible to buy much larger clips. The rounds for hunting rifles vary in size, but for larger game they are […]


(From my FaceBook status) On the day that I was 18, I went to the Old West Gun Room in El Cerrito, California and bought my first 22 rifle. I was so happy and proud to be able to pull the trigger and see objects many dozens of feet away from me jump to my will. When I was in graduate school at UC Berkeley, I bought my first 45 caliber semiautomatic pistol, a Colt 1911 Gold Cup. Yes, I love guns. I love the sound of their report. I love the smell of the gunpowder. I love to observe the […]