Way of Being – Introduction Part 2

As the days wore on, I noticed two things. First, I wasn’t getting my energy back. Second, I was surprisingly peaceful. I have had times of very profound peace during my life. But none were quite like this. Even during the times of greatest silence, I knew intellectually that I needed to return to active life and that for me active life was not silent. Now, as the days passed, I felt less the need to do something and more the peace that comes from knowing “goal accomplished.” But what goal? I had lots of visitors during couple of days […]

Way of Being – Introduction Part 1

God, I don’t know. I’ve probably given five hundred speeches, delivered a thousand sermons and authored 10 books. At last count, I think there have been 14 biographies about me – some pretty uncomplimentary. But I’ve never written anything about myself, not a word. I’ve never described what inspired me to build a worldwide spiritual movement. I’ve never talked of what I felt inside and of that constant grating of my soul by the sins that I have committed. My friends and colleagues – most of whom treat me like some sort of guru—have been pushing me to write my […]